A little bit of humor

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 I remember by mother telling us children different stories that happened during her lifetime.

She had a way of telling them that that was really funny to hear. One of her stories was about two of her brothers, Uncle Bill and Uncle Marlin.

As the story goes they had a model T Ford truck with a wooden seat in it. They called this truck a skeeter. I don not know where they came up with that name for the truck. As the story goes they decided to go to Rosene which is 5 miles from where they lived. They lived in Horse Branch, Kentucky, that is close to Caneyville, Kentucky. During the drive to Rosen they ran out of gas. They decided to flag someone down and borrow or buy some gas so they could get to Rosen. But it seems as though no one could spare any gas. Finally, a like new car stopped and he was all dressed up with a suite and tie and a straw hat. He asked what the problem was. They replied that they were out of gas and they said to him have you got any gas. He replied how to you think I am running this car - on “air.” He put the car in gear and took off at high speed thus throwing rocks at them from the wheels spinning in the rocks. They were mad so they took out walking the rest of the way to Rosen. I might ad, they forgot to bring the gas can and had to borrow one from the gas station to bring the gas back to the truck.

A neighbor had a Model T Ford. He lived on a hill. He had a leak in the radiator and he put water in the radiator every morning. Gas was 12¢ and kerosene 5¢ a gallon. He chose to run the gar on kerosene because it was cheaper thus saving 7¢ a gallon on fuel for the car. Now here is the ticker. There was spring at the bottom of the hill. So being a smart man he would put the car in gear and let it run down the hill in gear thus turning the motor over. This warmed the motor up enough the car would start on kerosene. When he got to the spring he would fill the radiator up with water. This in turn would solve both of his problems. One some of the cars there was what they called a reserve tank that would hold one quart of gas. You could start the car on gas and then switch to the tank that had kerosene in it.

Robert Huff