A little board game on the county with a twist

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By Stephen Thomas

 Each year from Sept. 1 through Dec. 31 the Patch Products board game company presents the Million Minute Family Challenge, striving for one million minutes of board game play.

In the past I have reminded readers of this event in hopes of encouraging more game time for local families and friends. Board games can be educational brain exercise as well as an excuse for quality family time.

Today’s world offers a lot of other ways and means to spend leisure time. In light of the situation, I have come up with an idea that will get locals playing at the family table once again.

Recently I’ve noticed various forms of the classic Monopoly game; Therefore, The Pioneer News staff recently participated in a board game experiment referred to as Bullittopoly.

It’s played the same as Monopoly, but with different properties, tokens and Chance cards, localized for area interests.

For example, Boardwalk and Park Place were switched to Bullitt’s two main roads, Highways 44 and 61.

We made the green properties into Mount Washington locations, including Bardstown Road, Kings Church Road and Waterford Road.

Yellow properties include Hillview Blvd., Blue Lick Rd. and the John Harper Highway, while red properties include Buckman St., Adam Shepherd Pkwy. and Joe B. Hall Ave. (note Joe B. Hall replacing the original Kentucky Avenue).

Orange properties are Cedar Grove Rd., Bells Mill Rd. and Brooks Hill Rd.; Purples are Clermont Rd., Horsefly Hollow Rd., and Railroad Ave. in honor of both Lebanon Junction and the railroads of the original game.

Light blue properties are Summitt Dr., for Pioneer Village, Hebron Ln. for Hebron Estates and Fox Chase Dr. for Fox Chase. The dark purples represent Hunters Hollow in the forms of Angelina Dr. and Balboa Ct.

As for the other board spaces, obviously the jail is replaced with the Bullitt County Detention Center. Free parking could be the courthouse, or Bernheim Forest, or even the Paroquet Springs Conference Centre. The Go To Jail corner could depict Sheriff David Greenwell. Go just remains go.

The initial railroad spaces are switched with utilities in Bullittopoly, including Louisville Water Co., Metropolitan Sewer District, Bullitt County Sanitation and Salt River Electric. The two initial utilities spaces revert to transportation companies - CSX and TARC.

Pewter tokens were also replaced, including a locomotive, salt kettle, dumptruck, deer, bourbon bottle, cigarette lighter, worn baseball cap and jug of milk with a bee on it.

Then there are the Chance and Community Chest cards, which really give the game its local feel. The cards include the following:

- Go to Bullitt County Detention Center. Go directly to Bullitt County Detention Center. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

- Get out of Bullitt County Detention Center Free (with photo of former jailer Danny Fackler extending handshake).

- Caught at railroad crossing. Lose a turn.

- Elected Bullitt County Judge/Executive. Pay each player $50.

- Meth lab discovered. Pay for house and hotel repairs.

- Meth lab blows up. Remove houses from your properties.

- Economic Development Authority director steps down. Lose all your properties.

- Subscribe to The Pioneer News. Pay $40.28 and receive an ‘Extra’ turn.

- County tax rate increase, pay $96

- Failed to collect political yard signs, pay $100 fine.

- Grill burgers during church night, collect $5 from each player

- Caught by the Bullitt County Partners in Prevention Shoulder Tap. Go directly to Bullitt County Detention Center. Pay $100 fine, plus $10 for the booze.

- Second prize in Bullitt County Frog Jumping competition, collect $10.

- Insurance tax due, collect 5 percent from each player.

- Pay school tax of $150. If you work in Bullitt County but live in Jefferson, pay $1,000.

- Join the Bullitt County Chamber of Commerce. Pay $45 dues.

- Lottery numbers hit, collect $100.

- Stuck in Bullitt County traffic. Pay $50 for gas fill-up and lose a turn.

- Appear in The Pioneer News’ Coyle’s Corner. Friends buy you dinner. Collect $15.

- Run stop signs in Hunters Hollow. Advance to Go, then add four numbers to your next roll to pass Hunters Hollow properties.

- Cigarette Tax, pay $100.

- Advance to CSX. If unowned, you may buy it from the bank. Afterward, pay each player $100.

- Attended your first fiscal court meeting. Pay bartender $75.

- Stock up on newly-legalized fireworks, pay $150.

- Win bets on Friday night football games based on Mike Farner’s Pioneer News game preview stories. Collect $200.

- Planning and Zoning unfavorable recommendation ignored. Triple the amount of houses and hotels on your properties, but lose a turn due to added traffic.

- Update requirements to your property buildings in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Pay $500.

- Attend a church picnic, pay $50.

- Advance to Bullitt County Sanitaion. Pay $125 for service fees and lose a turn waiting for the next meeting.

- Run an obituary in a paper other than The Pioneer News. Pay $600.

- Take the family to Kart Kountry, pay $100.

- It’s your birthday! Collect $10 from each player and get a free buffet meal at Mr. Gatti’s.

- Court order for business damages, pay $11.4 million.

If you have any further ideas to enhance the game of Bullittopoly please let us know. For more information about the Million Minute Family Challenge go to www.millionminute.com.