Little Flock to add high school

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By Stephen Thomas

 PIONEER VILLAGE - Since 1995, Little Flock Baptist Church has hosted the Little Flock Christian Academy as a private, independent educational alternative for local students.

Beginning with grade levels from Kindergarten through Grade 3, LFCA expanded to the 8th grade around 2000, according to principal Rick Grice.

The school is looking ahead to even bigger and better opportunities with the introduction of high school level courses beginning in the Fall of 2014.

Grice said the high school addition was a result of numerous requests by parents of LFCA students to expand upon the school’s educational opportunities.

“The parents were concerned with what to do (after 8th grade),” Grice said. “There’s public high schools or Christian Academy. There’s not a lot of options in Bullitt County.”

Grice added that school tuition at private Jefferson County high schools generally tripled tuition costs at LFCA.

Enough support from the church convinced the school board and senior pastor Rodney Alexander to approve the high school addition.

“We will begin with the 9th grade, and we’ll add one grade each year,” Grice said. “We need to make sure (students) get the best education they can get. After four years, we hope to have five new positions.”

Grice said the new hires would high school teachers with specialization skills, who will work with the Sevenstar online educational provider.”

“(Sevenstar) is an online academy that opens up a lot of potential,” he said. “It’s an accredited nationwide program involving certified teachers. We’re trying it out now with our middle schoolers.”

LFCA currently hosts 190 students in 11 classes, with 15 teachers and 25 total staffers.

“Even though the size is small, our kids will have the same opportunities as in other schools,” Grice said.

According to Grice, the high school level will become involved in a Christian school regional network, allowing for competition in areas such as spelling and geographical bees or art fairs.

He added that sports teams would not be officially recognizes by the Kentucky High School Athletic Association until the first completed graduating class.

Areas of the campus above conference rooms and part of the church lobby will soon be renovated to accommodate new high school classrooms.

“The high school will remain self-contained from the rest of the school other than gym and lunch,” Grice said.

A new high school saves on transportation. According to Grice, some families with former LFCA students meet on campus for a carpool to Christian Academy.

Another positive feature is keeping students together who have already experienced a majority of their education together at LFCA.

“Half of our 8th graders have been together the whole time,” said Grice. “It’s  a small-town feel. This gives them more time in the church, in a smaller community. It’s not for everybody. We know our limitations.”

Grice said the school board created a “laundry list” of potential parent questions about the school, addressing each of them as much as possible before making the ultimate decision to add high school courses.

Religious studies and philosophies, along with Bible studies, remain at the core of the LFCA educational system, something will continue at the high school level.

High school tuition will be higher than other tuition costs, set at $4,000 for high school compared to $3,300 for other grade levels.

Open enrollment for the LFCA high school classes is currently underway. Families with students at other grade levels may also register now. Open enrollment for LFCA K-8 students begins Feb. 10.

Enrollment forms are available online at littleflockchristianacademy.com.