A little jumpy at the fair

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2014 Bullitt County Fair

 One of the longest running events at the Bullitt County Fair is the Kentucky State Frog Jumping Championships.


Competitors of all ages were invited to see how far their frogs could jump.

The techniques were quite different.

See the mlultimedia section of www.pioneernews.net for more photos from the frog jumping competition, Haystack Hunt and other fair events.


Frog Jump Contest Winners:

1st: Avery O’Bryan, 4, Mount Washington

2nd: Tyler O’Bryan, 6, Mount Washington

3rd: Cody Dohn, 9, Lebanon Junction


Haystack Hunt Winners:

4-6 year olds: Shelby Chandler

7-9 year olds: Taniya Hayes

10-12 year olds: D’asiyahna Madairs