LJ burglary suspect turns himself in

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By Stephen Thomas

LEBANON JUNCTION - A burglary suspect turned himself over to officials Wednesday morning.

Howard Adams II, 32, of Elizabeth, Ind., reported to the Bullitt County Sheriffs office. He was questioned, arrested and taken to the Bullitt county Detention Center.

Adams relinquished many stolen items, including numerous rifles, through his attorney, Joe Wantland.

The rifles returned to police were taken from the home of Steven Hodge on S. Preston Highway near Lebanon Junction.

According to Sheriff Donnie Tinnell, Adams was witnessed at the residence by Hodge's father, Ronnie Hodge.

Tinnell said Ronnie Hodge pulled up to the home on Feb. 3, seeing footsteps in the snow. He called his son and was informed no one should be there.

Adams and a juvenile then walked around the home from the rear side. Hodge told Tinnell that Adams asked for directions to Cedar Grove Road.

After supplying directions to the north, Adams said he was going to take notes in his truck. Once in the truck, Adams told Hodge he would remember the directions, then headed south.

Hodge checked the house and found guns in the laundry room. When he called his son, Steven said they shouldn't be there.

Tinnell said Hodge reported the word "Cameo" on the side of Adams' Ford box truck. Sheriffs contacted the company, which cooperated with the police investigation.

Hodge also positively identified Adams in a photograph, Tinnell said.

A warrant was issued for Adams' arrest. Adams then contacted Wantland to turn himself in.

Adams will be charged with burglary first-degree along with unlawful transaction with a minor second-degree.