Local artists produce video in honor of UK basketball

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By Mary Barczak

MOUNT WASHINGTON--Some Bullitt County residents have taken their love for UK basketball to a new level.

“Around here (when the Cats do well in the tournament) it’s the Fourth of July, Christmas and Thanksgiving rolled all into one,” said longtime UK fan Tom Greenwell.

Recently he got together with other friends of his, also dedicated fans, Allen Peavler and John Wigginton to write a song about the team’s season. The video, “UK Season to Remember 2014” has now received more than 4,000 views on YouTube.

“Big Blue all the way,” said Wigginton who attend UK with Greenwell years ago. “We’re excited. We didn’t think we’d make it this far.”

Peavler said they wanted to pay tribute to this unforgettable season.

“I was born into (loving Kentucky basketball),” the Mount Washington resident said. “My dad was a big fan and so were all my uncles and relatives. The main thing this year is that they weren’t expected to be good. I think win or lose everybody’s going to remember this season. It means everything to the fans—they live it and breathe it.”

In the video, Greenwell does an intro then Peavler and Wigginton sing while playing a guitar and an ukulele. The trio modified the tune of an old song called “These Moments to Remember” for their ballad.

Some of the lyrics from their song read, “We’ll soon forget the eggs we laid the taunting and the jeers but oh that shocking game we played we’ll remember through the years…”

Greenwell said he thinks some of traffic was due to him tweeting the video at some well-knowns in the Cat’s world such as “The Cat’s Pause,“ Kentucky Sports Radio and WHAS personality Terry Meiners. Some of the venues reshared the video on their pages.

Greenwell he began to think about composing the song after watching the Kentucky, Wichita game.

“I just keep thinking, ‘Come on Kentucky give us a season to remember,’” he said.

The Mount Washington resident said a lot of people have been down on the Cats for their “lackluster” season losing 10 games, but as Kentucky’s begun to start shinning in the SEC tournament it’s given fans hope.

“There’s a big joke that basketball is a religion around here but it really is.. especially this time of year,” he said. “This video is our tribute to the team and about us wanting them to do good and for the Kentucky fans. They’ll understand.”