Local swimmers improve at regionals

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By Mike Farner

LOUISVILLE - Bullitt County’s young and improving swimming program turned in some strong finishes at the Region II Championships on Feb. 4-5 at the Ralph Wright Natatorium on the University of Louisville campus.

That is also the location where the three programs practice three times a week under the direction of coach Laura Flischel.

For the second year in a row, North Bullitt junior Caroline Lee qualified for the state championships in both the 100-yard breaststroke and the 200-yard individual medley. (See last Wednesday’s edition for details on that as well as next Wednesday’s edition for the results from the state meet at the Ralph Wright Natatorium).

Bullitt County’s young program have now qualified three different individuals for the state championships over the past three seasons.

The only negative this year was that Bullitt East sophomore Mason Turlington, who advanced to state as a freshman, could not compete in the Region II Championships after suffering a shoulder injury the previous weekend.

“I was stunned by all of my swimmers on Friday and Saturday,” Flischel said last week. “They clearly all came ready to compete. Once again, we had a lot of new bests times, with some of the swimmers dropping up to 10 seconds off their old time.

“I really couldn’t have asked for a better performance from the Bullitt County swimmers,” the coach added.

The North Bullitt girls finished with 23 points with all the points being scored by Lee. The Bullitt East boys collected ten points.

The following are the results for the local swimmers from the Region II Championships:

Girls’ 200-yard Medley Relay - North Bullitt (Megan Kottak, Caroline Lee, Brooke White, Katie Schmidt), 16th, 2:21.74.

Boys’ 200-yard Medley Relay - Bullitt East (Alex Cooke, Evan Reister, Jack Gordon, Keenan Cischke) 11th, 2:04.50.

Girls’ 200-yard Freestyle - Brooke White, NB, 25th, 2:34.58.

Boys’ 200-yard Freestyle - Alex Cooke, BE, 20th, 2:18.34; Jack Gordon, BE, 2:28.33.

Girls’ 200-yard Individual Medley - Caroline Lee, NB, 4th, 2:11.47.

Boys’ 200-yard Individual Medley - Layne Webb, BE, 34th, 2:55.96.

Girls’ 50-yard Freestyle - Alex Skidmore, BC, 40th, 30.82; Katie Schmidt, NB, 58th, 33.83; Beth Maddox, BE, 63rd, 35.14; Megan Kottak, NB, 68th, 36.13; Emily Schmidt, NB, 76th, 41.44; Callie Sparks, NB, 78th, 42.28.

Boys’ 50-yard Freestyle - Ben Weddle, BE, 46th, 29.15; Keenan Cischke, BE, 52nd, 30.99; Cody Barney, BE, 53rd, 31.31; Christian Harrison, NB, 59th, 33.83; Andrew Mills, NB, 61st, 40.04.

Girls’ 100-yard Butterfly - Brooke White, NB, 38th, 1:17.63; Alex Hutchins, BE, 41st, 1:3.62.

Girls’ 100-yard Freestyle - Hailey Wells, BC, 45th, 1:11.66; Katie Schmidt, NB, 64th, 1:18.43.

Boys’ 100-yard Freestyle - Evan Reister, BE, 38th, 1:03.99; Layne Webb, BE, 49th, 1:12.29; Christian Harrison, NB, 57th, 1:18.55; Nathan Lee, NB, 58th, 1:22.86.

Girls’ 500-yard Freestyle - Alex Skidmore, BC, 20th, 6:37.64.

Girls’ 200-yard Freestyle Relay - North Bullitt (Katie Schmidt, Callie Sparks, Emily Schmidt, Brooke White), 18th, 2:28.64.

Boys’ 200-yard Freestyle Relay - Bullitt East (Ben Weddle, Cody Barney, Layne Webb, Patrick Barney), 15th, 1:58.84.

Girls’ 100-yard backstroke - Alex Hutchins, BE, 24th, 1:12.94; Beth Maddox, BE, 53rd, 1:34.39; Megan Kottak, NB, 56th, 1:38.45; Sydney White, BE, 58th, 1:42.89; Emily Schmidt, NB, 62nd, 1:57.40.

Boys’ 100-yard backstroke - Alex Cooke, BE, 27th, 1:08.70; Keenan Cischke, BE, 38th, 1:19.69; Cody Barney, BE, 40th, 1:22.16; Zack Mahaffey, BC, 45th, 1:34.94.

Girls’ 100-yard Breaststroke - Caroline Lee, NB, 2nd, 1:06.30; Hailey Wells, BC, 45th, 1:32.77; Callie Sparks, NB, 58th, 1:44.61; Sydney White, BE, 59th, 1:46.85.

Boys’ 100-yard Breaststroke - Evan Reister, BE, 28th, 1:20.10; Jack Gordon, BE, 32nd, 1:21.50; Patrick Barney, BE, 46th, 1:28.98; Nathan Lee, NB, 48th, 1:29.77; Ben Weddle, BE, 51st, 1:34.22; Andrew Mills, NB, 1:53.72.

Girls’ 400-yard Freestyle Relay - North Bullitt (Caroline Lee, Callie Sparks, Emily Schmidt, Megan Kottak), 15th, 5:41.79.

Boys’ 400-yard Freestyle Relay - Bullitt East (Keenan Cischke, Evan Reister, Layne Webb, Alex Cooke), 10th, 4:20.20.