Local wineries win top honors in Derby contest

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 Several local wineries were honored in the 2011 Kentucky Proud Wine Competition as part of the Derby Festival WineFest.

The following were honored:

*MillaNova Winery - gold award for Merlot; silver award for Chardonnay 76%/Strawberry 24%; and bronze awards for Strawberry, Mint and Reisling.

*Wight-Meyer Vineyard and Winery - gold award for Petite Syrah, Moores Diamond; silver awards for Chardonnay, Chambourcin and Vignoles; and bronze awards for Blackberry, Reisling, 80% Reisling/20% Raspberry, Concord and 80% Diamond/20% Concord

*Brooks Hill Winery - silver award for Niagara-Catawba; bronze awards for Savuvignon Blanc and Concord

These, along with the other winners, will be on display during the sampling event on May 3-4. Tickets are $35 a person.

For more information, go to www.kdf.org.