Logsdon resigns following work promotion

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By Alex Wimsatt

 LEBANON JUNCTION -  Although he considered himself lucky having the opportunity to serve on the Lebanon Junction City Council, Randall Logsdon will not finish out his term. 

Logsdon recently announced his resignation during the council’s last regular meeting, citing scheduling conflicts between his new job and his council duties. 

The lifelong Lebanon Junction resident said he didn’t want to resign, but because he wouldn’t be able to make it to every council meeting, he didn’t feel it was right to continue serving.

“There’s a good chance I can’t be here a lot and that wouldn’t be fair to the people of Lebanon Junction,” Logsdon said

Logsdon said he recently received a promotion that requires him to travel on a regular basis. 

“I couldn’t in good conscience continue serving on the council and not do my job,” Logsdon said. “If I’m not going to council meetings I’m not doing my job.”

Logsdon’s resignation comes three months before the end of his second term. And though he will no longer be on the council, Logsdon said he will serve the community in whatever capacity he can.

Asked what he would miss about being on the council, Logsdon said the council members. 

“I have never seen a group like it,” he said. “Every one of them seem to genuinely care about the community. I’ll miss that.”

Logsdon said it was a great privilege to serve on the council and that he plans to run in the future when circumstances permit. 

“If my situation changes, I’d be honored if the people of Lebanon Junction let me serve them again,” he said. 

Logsdon’s letter of resignation was submitted to City Hall on Sept. 21. 

“It is with deep regret that due to a conflict with my job, I must retire from my city council position as of 10/1/2012,” the letter stated. 

Commenting on Logsdon’s departure from the council, Lebanon Junction Mayor Butch Sweat said he was sorry to see Logsdon step down, but he understood his reason. 

Having known the former councilman most of his life, Sweat said Logsdon is someone who cares deeply about his community. 

“He’s been a part of this community all his life,” Sweat said. “He’s just a good guy. I think everyone will tell you that.”

Sweat said he’s enjoyed working with Logsdon on the council, adding that he contributed a great deal to the city and his input was always valued.

“He didn’t really say much, but when he did speak up you knew he had something important to say,” Sweat said. 

Sweat described Logsdon as “dependable,” someone who was always willing to lend a hand. 

“I know he’s helped me out a lot,” Sweat said.  

The mayor said he would miss seeing Logsdon at council meetings, but he was sure he would see him return to the council down the road.

“Things go on,” Sweat said. “I know a lot of people will miss him being on the council, but he’ll be back.” 

Logsdon’s replacement has not been named as of yet, however, Sweat said council members will more than likely vote on nominations during their next regular meeting on Monday, Oct. 1.