Long line for free vaccines

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By Stephen Thomas

SHEPHERDSVILLE - Over 1,000 gathered to wait their turn for the free H1N1 vaccinations supplied by the Bullitt County Health Department Tuesday afternoon.


The H1N1 vaccines, along with seasonal flu shots, were distributed at Paraquet Springs Conference Centre.

Among those in line were Steve Cox of Mount Washington, who arrived first at noon to save a place for his son, Luke, who turns three next week.

Cox attended the first H1N1 vaccinations at the Health Department but was not in time to receive a shot. With a day off work, he decided to arrive early.

"I just wanted to make sure my little boy got a shot," said Cox. "You need to safeguard your children if you can."

Eric and Judy Shadowens, formerly from Chapeze, called the Health Department for information and learned about the event. Judy said members of their family already had H1N1.

"We need to keep ourselves safe from it," she said.

Shepherdsville Police Chief Doug Puckett said the crowd remained relatively calm throughout the afternoon. He said attendance really picked up after schools let out for the day.

Maria Lucas of Mount Washington was at the end of the line when the doors opened. She was willing to wait her turn to get a vaccination for her three-year-old daughter, Madison.

"We're here to prevent further flu," she said.