Longest Day Friday will be full of play

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By Kayla Swanson

 SHEPHERDSVILLE - The treadmill is a popular piece of exercise equipment, but some people don't enjoy exercising because of it.  

Your only options for exercise on a treadmill are walking or running and even worse, you sweat a lot in the process. 

Bullitt County health educator Daniel Crum believes exercise is more than just running on the treadmill and said there's a better and more engaging way to exercise. 

The Bullitt County Coalition for Recreation, Education and Wellness is sponsoring the third annual Longest Day of Play at Bullitt Central High School from 5 p.m.-8 p.m. on Friday, June 21.

Crum said the purpose of the free event is to encourage physical activity and show people being physically active can be fun.

“I hope it shows the importance of getting physical activity and it doesn't have to be something they don't enjoy,” he said. 

Vendors at the event will include the YMCA, the Bullitt County Health Department, Partners in Prevention, Girl Scouts, representatives from Bullitt County Public Schools, and the Bullitt County Diabetes Coalition. 

Crum said the YMCA will provide a bouncy obstacle course and they are allowing people to swim at the Bullitt Central pool for free during the event. 

YMCA wellness director Chris Parker said the YMCA supports the community's needs and being able to give youth the opportunity to enjoy a fun event. 

“We hope they’ll learn physical activity is a needed part of life,” he said. 

Other events at the Longest Day of Play will be basketball in the gym, kickboxing, relay races, jump rope and giveaways and drawings.

The vendors were not charged for hosting a booth at the event. Crum said they were asked to host an activity to add variety and fun. 

For more information, call 955-5355.