Look outside the box great on MW issue

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Our Views

By The Staff

While not arguing the merits of the proposal, we applaud the effort by Mount Washington councilmembers Dale Walter, Dennis Griffin and Larry Porter to deal with a tough issue.

Mount Washington must build a new sewage treatment plant.

And, to pay the debt service, the city needs additional revenue.

Under the current plan, water and sewer fees have risen 17.5 percent and look to increase by the same number next year.

Instead of implementing the second  hike, the councilmembers have asked  to look into the possibility of doubling the occupational tax and using the additional revenue to make the bond payments.

While the proposal must undergo legal scrutiny and other investigation, at least it is an attempt to look outside the conventional  box to see if other solutions might be available.

There are many questions surrounding the proposal but it does give the entire city council and mayor something to study and to consider.

When people run for public office, we expect them to be leaders. Just presenting ideas with no validity is not showing leadership. But when you sit down and  study an alternative, that is the leadership which is needed.

Congratulations to the councilmembers. Win, lose or draw, the effort should be commended.