Lottery helps Bullitt County students

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 Frequently I am asked about the lottery money. People ask me where does the money go?

I received the following information from the Finance and Administration Cabinet and thought the information would be useful for our Bullitt County Citizens.

During the 2010-2011 academic year Bullitt County students received $551,476 from the state’s primary grant and scholarship programs (funded by the lottery) administered by the Kentucky Higher Education Authority.

1. 88 need-based College Access Program (CAP) Grants totaling $139,050

2. 47 need-based Kentucky Tuition Grants (KTG) totaling $121,328

3. 220 incentive-based Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarships (KEES) awards totaling $291,098.

For those of you who play the lottery you helped 355 students with college expenses.

Linda Belcher