Martie's Kitchen

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Love of cooking, feeding others leads to special FBC offering for others

By Stephen Thomas

SHEPHERDSVILLE - Martie Korphage loved to cook, and she loved to feed everybody.


The folks at First Baptist Church could think of no better way to honor her memory than to honor her as the namesake of a new program offering free meals to the community.

Martie's Kitchen held its first public meal on Monday, Oct. 21, at the FBC community room.

Barbara Elliott, a Martie's Kitchen volunteer and church member, said a group of dedicated citizens wanted to give back to the community by offering a free meal each week.

"We wanted to do this, this was our passion to get it moving," said Elliott. "Martie was real passionate servant in our church, so this is in her honor."

Every Monday from 6-7 p.m. a full meal will be supplied, with something new each week.

Lisa Raines, co-coordinator and wife of FBC pastor Dale Raines, said Martie's Kitchen would feature healthy home cooking.

"It's a great way to honor Martie," she said. "We all knew of her amazing legacy, so this was perfect for her."

Raines said FBC hoped to make Martie's Kitchen a community-wide event. About 30 people assisted in preparing and serving the first meal.

"We welcome all volunteers and supporters," she said. "This is for the community, not just for First Baptist. It's open to all, we will always feature an open-door policy, no questions asked."

Pastor Dale Raines said the concept was in the works for about a year. With Martie's recent passing, the event became a perfect way to honor her lifetime efforts to take care of others.

"What a wonderful way to honor her memory," he said. "It gives us a community name, so we can get others involved. Other churches and other groups are encouraged to help."

Martie's son, Ted Korphage, attended the first Martie's Kitchen on his mother's behalf. He said Marti'es farm life led to a love of cooking.

"She loved all kinds of people, and if you came to visit she fed you," Ted said. "She started a Wednesday night supper at the church. She could fix a lot of food for not a lot of money."

Ted was pleased to see his mother's legacy live on at the church in the form of community members taking care of one another.

"She really knew how to make due with what she had," he said. "No one was ever left hungry."

For more information on Martie's Kitchen, or to become a volunteer or supporter, call First Baptist Church of Shepherdsville, 543-7721, or find a link to Martie's Kitchen online through the church's Facebook page.