Marvin Avenue, Big Valley grant for sewer work could be in jeopardy

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By Thomas Barr

BROOKS -- Funding has been appropriated to Bullitt County to extend sewer service to two areas of the community.

However, there is a major question as to whether the project can move forward.

Bullitt Fiscal Court was recently notified that it received funding to assist with sewer expansions into Big Valley and onto Marvin Avenue, which is off Highway 1526.

The major holdup is that a group of residents along Marvin Avenue petitioned the Bullitt County Sanitation District, stating they did not want sewer service.

County attorney Monica Robinson, who serves as legal counsel for the sanitation district, said that the state would not move forward with the grant funding if the entire project was not included.

She said the district board had promised to make individual contact with each resident along Marvin Avenue before moving forward with the project.

"Time is of the essence," said Robinson, who stated the project had been granted an extension to June 30.

District chairman Chuck Callahan said letters had been sent out by grantwriter Bryan Kirby to all property owners. Those renting property would not receive the letters.

Kirby gave property owners 10 days to respond. He was looking for interest in participating in the project and for some financial information.

Under the Community Development Block Grant program, funding is based on at least 51 percent of the residents falling in the low and moderate income level.

Those letters were due back in by Saturday. Once the responses have been gathered, district manager Jerry Kennedy said the next step would follow -- contact with the individuals.

Two women in attendance were eager to get the project started. One has a failing septic system and it is expensive to replace.

District engineer Dave Derrick said the engineering work could not be completed by June 30. 

The hope is to have the data available for the May 20 fiscal court meeting. To move forward with the grant project, Bullitt Fiscal Court would have to give its approval.