Master Gardeners help to make MW a little prettier

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By Mary Barczak

 MOUNT WASHINGTON - The city of Mount Washington is getting some sprucing up just in time for the holiday season.

Members at the Mount Washington United Methodist Church wanted to reach out to the community so they asked Mayor Joetta Calhoun what they could do.

She mentioned it might be nice to have more landscaping around the welcome signs.

Tony Jeavens, who is a change leader at the church and president of the Bullitt County Extension office’s Master Gardeners program, volunteered the club to design the additions.

“The idea is to have a green backdrop for the sign,” he said. “We’ve chosen plants that do will in the heat in the summer and some fairly native to this area which won’t require too much watering.”

The plan includes plants such as crocuses, daffodils and butterfly bushes.

Jeavens said the goal of the design is to have color year round.

They will also be adding a more earth-friendly mulch that will compost and help the soil later on.

The church members will provide free labor and the city is paying for the materials. The members will keep up with the maintenance through the year and the city will be responsible for the watering.

Calhoun said she liked the design and helped the workers with their first step of the project which was removing some bushes.

She said she was pleased with their approach to help out because the landscaping at the welcome signs has been in need of an update.

“I think the public will be really happy with the improvement,” she said.

The group has already been doing soil tests but they plan to get the planting done this weekend.

Jeavens said he hopes the project will bring more beauty to MW residents’ lives and get them interested in gardening.

The Master Gardeners also recently built a raised bed garden for the Elmcroft Senior Living Community in Mount Washington.

The raised bed allows residents to pick vegetables without having to bend over. Jeavens said they liked it so much that the group will be building them two more.

If anyone is interested in joining the Bullitt County  Master Gardeners program, they can contact Lorilee George at 543-2257.