Mayor, council kept promise

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 Over two years ago, there was a promise made by Mayor Scott Ellis and Council Members that when the City got in better financial shape they would give raises to those employees that would not jump ship! Many jumped ship and left; while others rode the storm! All employees did not receive raises for over two years and continued to serve and protect our Great City of Shepherdsville!

I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Mayor Scott Ellis, Council Members Joe Cubero, Dana L. Bischoff James, Gloria Taft and Faith Portman for fulfilling that promise! When I started my Law Enforcement career 20 years ago, an old timer in timer in Law Enforcement told me this, “Mike, do you know when a politician is lying? I said no, then he said when their mouth is moving!” Well, that cannot be said about Mayor Scott Ellis and the four Council Members that fulfilled their promise on January 14, 2013!

Our church has said many PRAYERS to GOD to help our city and I believe that GOD has heard our prayers and many others that have prayed that our city would recover. One council lady had this on her sign during the campaign! (2 Chronicles chapter 7 verse 14) READ IT AND BELIEVE IT! It really works!

Mike Miller,

Senior Pastor &Co-Founder, Family Day Ministries, Inc.