McConnell would like to call offensive plays instead

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By Kayla Swanson, Staff Writer

  SHEPHERDSVILLE - Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell says there are three things that guarantee America will still be number one by the end of the 21st century.


McConnell believes if the government can resolve the current deficit in combination with the current technology and energy revolutions, he said there’s no reason America’s current status as a top country will change. 

McConnell spoke about this and several current events facing the nation at the Bullitt County Chamber of Commerce luncheon at Paroquet Springs Conference Centre Tuesday.  

Several of McConnell’s remarks focused on Obamacare, which he said was the single worst piece of legislature passed in our time. 

McConnell compared Obamacare to a dam that needs repairs because it was leaking in several places. 

“Things that can’t work, won’t work,” he said.

McConnell said he believes in order to fix the problems caused by Obamacare and extend the life span of Medicare and Social Security; adjustments must be made to the eligibility requirements for these programs. 

Adjusting the eligibility requirements to fit the demographics of the country will allow Medicare and Social Security to be available for future generations, McConnell said. 

Current events, including the IRS tax scandal, McConnell said have affected the economy. 

“In every country that has big debts, you also have slow growth, they go hand in hand,” he said. 

Another point McConnell made was about divided government, the idea that political parties need to work together.

“Neither party can get its own way,” he said. 

McConnell cited several examples of divided government in the past, including when former President Ronald Regan and Tip O’ Neil worked together to raise the age for Social Security. 

McConnell said he is ready to work across the aisle with President Obama, if it helps the country. 

“I’m ready to do that, the speaker’s ready to do that, we need the President to be ready to do that,” he said.