McCubbins seeks his fourth term

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Election 2010

By The Staff

    HILLVIEW - Don’t look for Russell McCubbins to write a bunch of traffic citations.

    But don’t be shocked if the constable pulls you over and gives you a stern warning.

    For the past 12 years, McCubbins has served as constable of the Third District and the Democrat is seeking re-election.

    “I’m very visible in my area,” said McCubbins, who is retired. “You do it to help the community. It’s not about the money.”

    McCubbins is a familiar figure at events in northern Bullitt County, such as school events, the Zoneton Halloween Celebration and at ballgames.

    “It’s been rewarding,” said McCubbins, 63. “You meet so many good people every day.”

    He isn’t fond of writing tickets because he understands the ramifications financially to many. However, repeat violators may not get off the hook so easy.

    For youngsters, that might include a visit by McCubbins to your parents.

    When talking to voters, McCubbins said he stresses his experience and his willingness to be out in the community on a regular basis.

    Regardless the time of day, McCubbins is available. He said he works well with the emergency personnel in the entire county.

    “The best way for a constable to do his job is to be out in the community,” said McCubbins. “That’s why I am so visible.”