Meth crimes results in major prison sentences

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By The Staff

SHEPHERDSVILLE - Messing with methamphetamine doesn’t pay in Bullitt County.

In cases last week in Bullitt Circuit Court, defendants learned the hard way that dealing or manufacturing in methamphetamine will result in serving multiple years in prison.

Jonathan W. Knauer was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Attorney Jahmal Wooldridge requested probation for his client since it was his first felony offense.

However, Circuit Judge Rodney Burress agreed with assistant commonwealth attorney Nick Raley.

Knauer received a 10-year sentence for manufacturing methamphetamine.

Probation was denied.

Marion T. Tarter Jr., 28, entered a guilty plea to complicity to manufacture methamphetamine.

The plea agreement calls for Tarter to serve a 10-year term.

Final sentencing in that case will be on June 2.

Jenny S. Mirick was sentenced to 10 years in prison on two counts of facilitation to manufacture methamphetamine.

Her husband, Jeffrey Mirick, will be sentenced on the same charge in May.

The couple was indicted for illegal meth operations at two locations in the county.

In one incident, a fire erupted and four people were injured.

Jeffrey Mirick had said on Wednesday that his wife knew nothing of his operation.

Defense attorney Becky Murrell said her client was sleeping and didn’t know meth was being manufactured.

A member of the Bullitt County Drug Task Force said he couldn’t believe anyone would not smell the ether odor.

Prosecutor Mike Ferguson said that eyewitnesses would testify at trial that they saw both people in the garage during the one incident.

Jenny Mirick, who had sought probation to enter an in-patient drug treatment program, had entered guilty pleas on two counts of facilitation to manufacture meth and wanton endangerment.

The two five-year sentences would be run consecutive for a total of 10 years in prison. She will get credit for over 200 days already served in jail.

Keith B. Morton, 39, and his wife, Stephanie G. Morton, 36, entered guilty pleas on methamphetamine charges.

Keith Morton entered pleas of criminal intent to complicity to manufacture meth, a seven-year sentence, and possession of a controlled substance, five years.

The lesser sentence was enhanced to seven years due to a prior felony conviction.

The two seven-year sentences were recommended to be served concurrently for a total of seven years in prison.

Final sentencing would be June 2.

Stephanie Morton entered a plea to the amended charge of possession of a controlled substance, which carries a five-year sentence.

The five-year sentence would be diverted for five years and she would apply for participation in the drug court program.