Mike Marlar Claims 11th Annual Kentuckiana Klash Victory at Bluegrass Speedway

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By The Staff

BARDSTOWN - Bluegrass Speedway presented the 11th Annual Kentuckiana Klash for the O’Reilly Battle of the Bluegrass Super Late Models on Saturday evening and Mike Marlar of Winfield, TN would claim his second win of the ’09 season at the mile Nelson County clay oval, with the victory worth $5,000. Other feature winners for the evening included Pat Hagan of New Haven, KY, who claimed his fifth WBRT 1320-AM Sportsman feature win of the season and Michael England of Glasgow, KY would drive to his third straight Modified feature checkered flag.

Before the green flag would wave, the third row starting duo of series points leader Victor Lee and D.J. Wells would pull off the racing surface with mechanical issues and not be able to take the green flag. The first start would see the caution wave as Buzz Williams would spin in turn four. The second attempted start would also see the caution wave as Eric Wells spun into the infield in turn one. Once action finally got going, Eddie Carrier, Jr. would take the race lead, followed by Whitney McQueary, Mike Marlar, Justin Rattliff, and Aaron Hatton. Marlar would take second from McQueary on lap 2, while Rattliff would take third on lap 3, with David Webb working past Hatton for fifth on the same circuit. The third caution of the race would appear on lap 7 when Eric Wells and Bobby Wolter, Jr. would tangle in turn one. Back underway, Webb would take third from Rattliff, as Dustin Neat would make his way into fifth. Carrier, Jr. and Marlar would begin to pull away from the field a bit by lap 11, as Webb and Rattliff would begin to battle for the third spot. Brandon Kinzer would chase down Neat as this pair would race for the fifth spot, with Kinzer making his way into the top five on lap 14. Carrier, Jr. and Marlar would continue to set a blistering pace at the point, while Webb and Rattliff continued to battle for the third position. Marlar would make his move on lap 18 with a slidejob pass in turn four, but Carrier, Jr. would turn back under Marlar and retake the top spot at the line. Lap 21 would see the leader begin to work slower traffic and it would be heavy traffic and Carrier, Jr. and Marlar would weave their way in and out of traffic while continuing to battle for the race lead. As the leaders continued their masterpiece in traffic, Webb and Rattliff continued to battle for third and would be joined by Kinzer, with the trio three wide for the spot on lap 25. Rattliff would make his move for third stick on lap 27, moving Webb back to fourth and receiving pressure from Kinzer, who would take fourth from Webb on lap 30. At this point, Carrier, Jr. and Marlar had almost a half-track lead over third place Rattliff and Marlar would turn the heat up on Carrier, Jr. at this point and would take the top spot with a turn two slidejob on lap 33. But things would get wild one lap later when Jeff Watson would slow on the frontchute with mechanical issues and Marlar would get into the back of Watson, with Carrier, Jr. making contact with Marlar and Marlar spinning just past the flagstand. Series officials would deem Watson as the cause of the caution and Marlar and Carrier, Jr. would remain first and second. The restart would see Webb take the fourth spot back away from Kinzer as Carrier, Jr. would pressure Marlar for the lead. With Marlar and Carrier, Jr. racing for the lead, Kinzer would attempt to reclaim fourth from Webb and would do so on lap 36. The final four circuits would see the top five not change, with Marlar grabbing the win behind the wheel of his Doors-N-More/DWT Racing/G&R Hydraulics/Marlar and Sons Auto Dismantling/Performance Battery/Stephens Trucking/Wayne Bowen Racing Supply sponsored #157 Rocket Chassis, Estes Race Engines powered machine. Carrier, Jr., Rattliff, Kinzer, and Webb would complete the top five. The remainder of the top ten were Jason Keltner, Dustin Neat, Whitney McQueary, Mike Jewell, and Michael Chilton. In preliminary action, Justin Rattliff was the Racing Optics Top Qualifier among 29 entries with a lap of 15.359 seconds. Heat race checkered flags went to Carrier, Jr. in Wayne Bowen Racing Supply heat one, Marlar in Graphic Impressions heat two, and McQueary in C.J. Rayburn Race Cars heat three. Jason Keltner would be the B-Main winner, with series provisionals going to Jerry Rutherford and Scotty Earl, while Jeff Watson earned the track provisional.

The 15 lap WBRT 1320-AM Sportsman feature event would see Pat Hagan and Roger Cecil battle for the race lead throughout the event, with Avral Thompson in the mix as well. Hagan would hold off the charges of Cecil for the entire distance in this feature event, with Hagan holding on to claim his fifth Sportsman feature win of the season at Bluegrass Speedway in the seat of the Billy Holbert owned New Haven Car Wash/New Haven NAPA/New Haven Quick Stop/Willard’s Heating and Air/Holbert Auto Recovery sponsored #88 Chevy Monte Carlo. Cecil and Thompson would finish second and third, while Jimmy Bryan and Rob Jones would complete the top five. Rounding out the top ten would be Sam Mull, Wayne Duvall, Joe Dunbar, Tim Cummings, and Elton Martin. Hagan would be top qualifier, with Cecil winning the dash, while Sam Mull would score the heat race checkered flag.

The 20 lap Modified feature event would conclude the evening’s activities and Michael England would take the race lead away from Randy Turpin on lap 6 and would not look back in driving to his third straight Modified feature victory. England’s win came aboard the Team Wompus Cat owned Horton Racing/Williams and Tucker Auto Parts/Waterhead Motorsports/Jeffries Auto Salvage/Kelvin Wilson Dozing/Davis Machine/Team Wompus Cat sponsored #10 Lightning Chassis, Pro Power Race Engines powered machine. Turpin would take runner-up honors, with Jason Wheatley finishing third. Josh Lucas would take fourth in a photo-finish with Rocky Wilson and Robbie Gullion, with Wilson claiming fifth. Gullion would head up the second five, trailed by Adam Cole, Dion Benningfield, Kelly Warren, and Randall Basham.

SUMMARY-Bluegrass Speedway-Bardstown, KY-July 11, 2009:

O’Reilly Battle of the Bluegrass Super Late Models (29 entries)

Racing Optics Top Qualifier- Justin Rattliff 15.359

Wayne Bowen Racing Supply Heat #1- Eddie Carrier, Jr., Aaron Hatton, Justin Rattliff, Dustin Linville, Mike Jewell, Bobby Wolter, Jr., Scotty Earl, Jason Keltner, Jeff Watson, Joey Tackett

Graphic Impressions Heat #2- Mike Marlar, Victor Lee, Brandon Kinzer, Michael Chilton, Dustin Neat, Lee Devasier, Brandon Green, Buzz Williams, Clarence Belcher, Arnie Fields

C.J. Rayburn Race Cars Heat #3- Whitney McQueary, D.J. Wells, Eric Wells, David Webb, Tim Tungate, Jerry Rutherford, Daniel Hatcher, Joey Jones, Jerry Rice

B-Main- Jason Keltner, Brandon Green, Bobby Wolter, Jr., Lee Devasier, Buzz Williams, Jerry Rutherford, Jeff Watson, Joey Jones, Jerry Rice, Daniel Hatcher, Joey Tackett, Clarence Belcher, Scotty Earl (DNS-Arnie Fields)

Series Provisionals- Jerry Rutherford, Scotty Earl

Track Provisional- Jeff Watson

11th Annual Kentuckiana Klash- Mike Marlar, Eddie Carrier, Jr., Justin Rattliff, Brandon Kinzer, David Webb, Jason Keltner, Dustin Neat, Whitney McQueary, Mike Jewell, Michael Chilton, Brandon Green, Lee Devasier, Buzz Williams, Bobby Wolter, Jr., Aaron Hatton, Scotty Earl, Jeff Watson, Jerry Rutherford, Dustin Linville, Tim Tungate, Eric Wells, Victor Lee, D.J. Wells

WBRT 1320-AM Sportsman (10 entries)

Top Qualifier- Pat Hagan

Dash- Roger Cecil, Pat Hagan, Rob Jones, Avral Thompson, Elton Martin, Jimmy Bryan

Heat- Sam Mull, Wayne Duvall, Tim Cummings, Joe Dunbar

Feature- Pat Hagan, Roger Cecil, Avral Thompson, Jimmy Bryan, Rob Jones, Sam Mull, Wayne Duvall, Joe Dunbar, Tim Cummings, Elton Martin

Modifieds (18 entries)

1st Heat- Robbie Gullion, Benji Lee, Rocky Wilson, Kelly Warren

2nd Heat- Randy Turpin, Michael England, Johnny Lee, Adam Cole

Feature- Michael England, Randy Turpin, Jason Wheatley, Josh Lucas, Rocky Wilson, Robbie Gullion, Adam Cole, Dion Benningfield, Kelly Warren, Randall Basham, Brad Schlosser, Butch Shay, Tommy Carlton, Gary Parks, Johnny Lee, Benji Lee, Elliott Despain, Joe David Humphrey