More federal dollars spent

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 I was surprised to receive a letter from Joetta Calhoun, Mayor of Mount Washington, offering a “FREE” energy audit of my home. Apparently the city applied for and was awarded a federal grant to provide funding.

The thought occurred to me that his must be paid for by taxpayers somewhere, so maybe it should be referred to as “PREPAID.” Well, that means that I, a lifelong taxpayer, am actually paying for it - at least a portion of it.

But then the thought also occurred to me; our government is in debt by TRILLIONS of dollars, which means these energy audits are NOT “PREPAID” at all. Our government leaders must have to BORROW the money to pay for these audits. That means that they are purchased on “CREDIT,” so that not only will I, and other taxpayers need to pay for these audits in the future but we will also have to pay INTEREST on the borrowed money, probably to CHINA.

I really like our mayor and I believe she has done a lot of our community. And she did what a mayor should do in applying for available funds. But I don’t want to benefit from a federal program that will have to be paid for by our children and grandchildren, therefore I decided to decline the offer of the “FREE” audit. But if your home is in need of an audit that can save you heating expense then take advantage of this offer because the money is probably already borrowed by our elected Federal officials.

Burch Moberly

Mount Washington