Moss selected to be county's 'teacher of nutrition' to all

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Extension's food guru

By Stephen Thomas

 SHEPHERDSVILLE - The Bullitt County Cooperative Extension Office's newest employee plans to help area residents maintain nutrition and healthy diets.

Long-time Bullitt County resident Marcia Moss was selected as the county's Expanded Food Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) assistant.

Moss' primary job will consist of working with lower-income families to acquire more nutritious meals and making food stretch to meet budgets.

"I'm a teacher of nutrition," she said.

Moss formerly served as a special needs teacher's assistant for Bullitt County Public Schools at Roby and Cedar Grove Elementary. She started a horse rescue, Blair's, eight years ago.

"I wanted to get back into the county, she said. "In the school system I felt like I was making a difference. Here there's a broader scheme, helping whole families."

Moss will host classes at the Extension Office and throughout the community, focusing in the importance of protein and nutrition strategies.

"The program has been federally funded for 40 years, but it's new to Bullitt County," she said.

Moss' biggest goal is to spread word to parents about the importance of healthy family diet.

"I want to hit the adults that have kids at home," she said. "I'll help them learn how to make a grocery list, use coupons, and planning meals within a budget."

Moss focuses on the importance of diet and eating right without the expense.

"You can be creative but you can be healthy at the same time," she said.

Public classes will include door prizes and gifts, along with a fun evening for the entire family.

"You have to keep the fun in the demonstrations," Moss said. "You get the kids involved, and the parents help them."

Extension agent Ruth Chowning referred to Moss as "a go-getter" that will become an asset to the community's battle to maintain healthy diet choices.

"She's already made many contacts and she knows where the needs are in this community," Chowning said.

"We have many reduced and free lunches here, and that hurts," said Moss. "Plus the economy is still tough. We're all going through it. I'm here to help you make the best of it. Fast food is cheaper, but eating it all the time will cost you more."

With all the nutrition strategies and healthy food choices offered by the EFNEP program, Moss still starts it all off with advice her mother always gave her.

"Try it once," she said. "You might like it."

For more information on the Bullitt County Expanded Food Nutrition Education Program call the Extension Service, 543-2257.