Motorcycle Safety Month during May

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By The Staff

    Governor Beshear has designated May as Motorcycle Awareness Month in Kentucky.

    Warm weather is finally here and the motorcycles are once again sharing the highways with you.

    You may not know but the greatest hazard a motorcyclist meets is the drivers of other vehicles.

    Seventy-five percent of motorcycle accidents involve another vehicle such as a car or truck.

    Many drivers claim they did not see the motorcycle.

    With that in mind, please, take a few minutes to read these Five Rules for Car Drivers:

    *Look Out for Motorcyclists-Use your eyes and mirrors to see what’s around.

    *Don’t Be Distracted-Hang up and drive, put down the food, the pet, the personal grooming gear, the CD, and the reading material and save it for later.

    *Give Two-Wheelers Some Room - Don’t tailgate or get too close side-by-side.

    *Use Your Turn Signals-Signal your intentions. It’s also the law.

    *Keep it in the Car-Don’t throw trash and cigarettes out the window, and securely lash down cargo that can fall out on the road and be a deadly hazard.

    Look Twice-Save A Life.