Mount Washington looks to save funds on utilities by use of consulting firm

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By Mallory Bilger

MOUNT WASHINGTON — For Mayor Joetta Calhoun, a penny saved here and there makes for big savings across the board.

That’s what she and the Mount Washington City Council have discovered as the city is undergoing a telecommunications audit.

The city recently hired Ecomtek out of Louisville to complete the audit which evaluates the city’s local and long distance phone services, internet and cellular phone plans. The company is also assessing the city’s street lights which are operated by both LG&E and Salt River Electric Cooperative.

The company has already located more than $10,000 is annual

avings in local and long distance telephone services, cell phone and internet services — and there is still more work to be done.

Calhoun said Ecomtek has also located an estimated $11,000 in excess taxes the city was paying to Salt River Electric Company for

treet lights.

“It’s been a wonderful deal,” Calhoun said. “You look at what we’re saving in dollars and it really adds up.”

But the city won‘t pocket all of that extra money.

The city has entered into a two-year agreement with Ecomtek under which the company receives 45 percent of the realized savings.

But that still leaves close to $10,000 for the city to pocket.

Calhoun said she is hoping that Ecomtek will find even more areas in which to save before the contract is up.

“They’re not even finished yet,” she said. “I’m hoping they will find even more (with the street lights).”