Musical skills to be on display

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Our Views

 Sometimes you just have to take a chance.

Over the past few years, the Bullitt County Public School System has not been afraid to try new things.

This summer, knowing that the district is full of very talented youngsters who are interested in the performing arts, the district tried a new program.

The goal of this program was to produce a summer musical for the public to see.

The work of staff and students will be put on display this week as Sleeping Beauty will be performed at the Bullitt Central auditorium.

We applaud the efforts of the district to attempt to provide programs of interest to a wide variety of students.

Test scores are important but there are many other interests which need to be fed.

We hope that the community will turn out this week and appreciate the efforts and the talents of our youth.

And we hope this is just one in a series of outside programs that students in Bullitt County will have an opportunity to enjoy.