MW police uncover adult abuse case in Twelve Oaks subdivision

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By Mallory Bilger

MOUNT WASHINGTON -- An unusual case involving the alleged abuse and neglect of two developmentally disabled individuals has landed two men in jail.

Daniel Thomas Clemons, 57, of Mount Washington, and Mark E. Heitzman, 44, of Louisville, were arrested by Mount Washington police Friday after an illegitimate adult care-taking business was discovered, according to a MWPD media release.

"(Clemons) was running a business out of place that he didn't even have a business license for," said police chief Tom Rosselli.

MWPD had recently received several suspicious phone calls involving a home at 648 Oak Creek Drive in the Twelve Oaks subdivision, Rosselli said. The complaint calls ranged from an out-of-control male to a possible burglary.

According to the release, officers responded Feb. 24 to a burglary complaint and, upon arriving, found no signs of forced entry or other activity.

Rosselli said further investigation by officer Tim Morris and an inspection of the home uncovered that the 9-1-1 caller was 33-year-old Kasi Williams of Louisville, who claimed to reside there.

Police also found a developmentally disabled male who appeared to have been abused and neglected.

"This lady (Williams) was on drugs and she had no business being there," Rosselli said.

He added that an investigation revealed that Clemons hired Williams to live with and care for the disabled male, but she was not a qualified caretaker.

According to the release, Clemons was leasing the home but did not reside there, and was charging $2,500 a month to care for the individual. Clemons had a history of working in adult care but currently didn't have a license.

Rosselli said Heitzman was also working for Clemons as a caretaker at the residence.

"(Heitzman) wasn't cleared to any type of state agency that he was remotely qualified as far as background checks," he said.

Rosselli said another disabled male teen had recently resided at the home but was removed after family members discovered he was not being cared for properly. He said that family was also being charged $2,500 for care.

"(Clemons) was having these people watch the two individuals and one left. The last (victim), when we pulled up, he was in terrible shape," Rosselli said.

Both Clemons and Heitzman are charged with abuse of an adult by caretaker, which is a class C felony. Williams was cited and released for the abuse of an adult, a class a misdemeanor.

As of Monday afternoon, Rosselli said the victim was at University of Louisville hospital in stable condition.