Nearby preserve gives you chance to meet some animals of the wild

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What I did on summer vacation by Chuck Gilkey

  Walk on the Wild Side at Indiana Animal Preservation 

It was a shared Facebook post that led our family to discover one of the best days of our summer vacation. 

Wildlife In Need (WIN) is located in Clark County, Ind.

WIN is home to hundreds of indigenous, exotic and endangered animals. The animals are very active and healthy. 

They appear to be very happy and have an amazing bond with Tim Stark, the owner of WIN. 

I think it is the only place where I have seen a man walk into an enclosure with four full size tigers yet alone hug them and open their mouths. But Tim could do this with his cats. 

WIN offers two amazing animal encounters. 

You can do them separately, but doing one without the other is like eating cookies without drinking milk. 

“Tiger Playtime” gives you and others a chance to roll around, hug, feed and pet beautiful, healthy tiger cubs.

My 11-year-old daughter and seventy year old dad had a wonderful time engaging, interacting and learning about these endangered cubs. It definitely makes for unforgettable memories. 

The other option is the “Exotic Animal Encounter.” My daughter may have enjoyed this more than tiger play time. My mother-in-law definitely did! 

During this edutainment encounter, we had hands on encounters with several old world monkeys, a fox pup, and a baby kangaroo. We even got feed grapes to the monkeys. 

We left WIN feeling like we truly had “walked on the wild side” and been up close with some of God’s most amazing creations. 

If you would like to experience the wonder and grandeur of these majestic creatures then you must visit WIN (3320 Jack Teeple Road, Charlestown, Indiana).

For more information or to book encounters visit http://wildlife-in-need-inc.-eventbrite.com.