Neighbors encouraged to call on suspicions

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By The Staff

SHEPHERDSVILLE - Over the past few months, the number of burglary reports continues to grow in the county.

But law enforcement officials believe the public could provide some valuable information.

Sheriff’s chief deputy Danny Thompson said many of the break-ins will occur during the daylight hours.

“We need neighbors to be a little more nosy,” said Thompson.

Many times, the suspects will drive through neighborhoods looking at the community before deciding where to strike.

Thompson encouraged residents to know what cars and trucks belong in the area and which ones don’t.

When residents see unfamiliar vehicles, they should call central dispatch.

Even if nothing happens, Thompson said there would be a list of vehicles driving around in the neighborhoods.

With the daylight thefts, Thompson said it seems the criminals are looking for smaller items they can quickly steal.

While few people take law enforcement’s suggestion to write down serial numbers, Thompson said homeowners could at least photograph their property.

As the economy continues to struggle, Thompson said crime will continue to rise.

“We never have enough deputies to be everywhere,” said Thompson. “That’s why we need the help of the residents. If it looks suspicious, call the police.”

The sheriff’s department, as well as city police agencies, is willing to provide Block Watch programs for neighborhoods. Call your local law enforcement department for more information.