New hunting show with local tie begins airing on Sundays

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 SHEPHERDSVILLE - For the hunters of Lights Out Outdoors, hunting is more than just the kill; it’s their passion.

Local resident Tom Chamberlain, a founding member of the group, said the goal is to teach first-time hunters of all ages how to hunt.

“We love to do things with youth and the underprivileged and getting people outdoors,” Chamberlain said.  

The hunters of Lights Out have other commitments and jobs, video producer and editor Chris Soeder said, so they have to make time to hunt because they love it so much. 

“When we get free time, we split it between our families and our passion,” he said. 

The Lights Out Outdoors hunters are taking their passion to television starting Sunday, July 7, with a show of the same name as their group. 

Chamberlain said finding a name was one of the hardest parts of developing the show. 

“It was a long process,” he said. “A lot of names were tossed around.” 

The name of the show comes from the part of hunting when you harvest an animal you’ve killed, Chamberlain said, because at the point the animal’s “lights are out”.

 Chamberlain said it’s a family-friendly show and each episode shows the hunts he and the hunters go on from the time they leave their homes early in the morning until they return. 

“It’s our recorded journal of basically our day,” he said. 

Viewers also can expect to learn hunting strategies and cooking tips for certain animals, Chamberlain said. 

Soeder said Lights Out Outdoors is more real than other hunting shows because it shows the hunters are just like the viewers.  

The show depicts the real-life adventures of the hunters, Soeder said, even the bad and missed shots.

“We show how the common folk do it,” Soeder said. 

The show will air every Sunday at 2:30 p.m. on ION/WBNA Direct TV channel 21, Insight channel 21 and Dish Network channel 21 for 13 episodes.