New Year Baby Barr hopes you find something to believe in for 2010

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By The Staff

The holiday season is at the mid-way point.

Christmas has come and gone and the New Year is quickly approaching.

Since Santa Barr was rooted out of his normal newsprint space by the clever, but windy, Stephen Thomas, there were no “gifts” handed out to local officials.

Instead, it will be New Year Baby Barr who will have to recap the past year and make a few resolutions for the upcoming year.

Most should be taken with a proverbial grain of salt, although there are probably a few pieces of truth in many of them.

In having the opportunity to follow Santa from school to school each December, the ole’ NYBB found a bit of concern in Santa’s voice.

This veteran visitor to local schools said he was concerned about his job security.

I wondered why Santa would be concerned. Everyone looks forward to Santa arriving each holiday season.

However, Santa said that it was sad that many youngsters don’t have that belief in St. Nick.

He blamed the parents for part of that lack of belief.

So the NYBB’s first resolution is a wish for everyone in the county -- no matter the age.

It is to have a belief.

It doesn’t necessarily need to be a belief in anyone in particular. But there must be a belief.

Be it the man upstairs. Or belief in a parent or a grandparent.

It could even be a belief in a principle -- not the one leading a school.

It might be a belief in a school official or a governmental leader.

The bottom line is that everyone must believe in something. When we lose our hope and our belief, this country will be in big trouble.

Now, crawling off the soap box, let’s look at some wishes for others in the community.

To superintendent Keith Davis and the leaders of our education system - A way to avoid the impending cuts from Frankfort.

It is bad enough that the local districts do not receive what they deserve but the state must cut more due to budgetary constraints.

To the prosecutors, Walter Sholar and Michael Mann - A way to punish those who do the crime yet still make sure the criminal justice system and the corrections department is not swallowed up in red ink.

Releasing inmates early will not be the long-term answer and the odds are that something very bad will be done by someone who didn’t serve the proper time behind bars.

This is a problem, like health care, that won’t be solved in the coming year.

To county officials - A resolve to work together in a very difficult year when posturing for political votes will be tempting.

The county has survived many of the financial constraints faced by others due to the continued, yet slow, growth.

However, hard decisions must be made and it will take a total team effort. Blame shifting should not be allowed.

Although exposing dirty laundry in public may not be the best, it might be necessary. If officials can’t work things out, then it might need to be aired out in  public.

Issues such as take-home cars, selling unneeded property and internet safety, have been discussed and need to actually be addressed.

To city officials in Shepherdsville and Hillview - A final resolution in the coming months to the question of whether alcohol sales should be allowed on Sundays.

This is a very difficult issue from many fronts.

The passage of a Sunday sales measure will not immediately bring national restaurants to the community.

On the short-term is could help the existing businesses.

By dragging on emotional issues over a long period of time, you put a wedge in the community.

To those interested in swimming pools, parks and recreation - NYBB hopes you will remain vocal in the coming year.

There are funds available through the stimulus package to do many big-time projects, including infrastructure.

This is yet another set of issues that will get a little discussion and then it dies.

To legislators both in Frankfort and in Washington - People are fed up with the partisan politics that exist.

While Bullitt County has been blessed with good elected officials representing us in the state and national capitol, getting the right things done if very difficult.

Too many votes go along party lines. That hurts the confidence people have in their government. We need to have people vote for what is the best for the entire population.

Little chance but at least you feel better after saying it.

To legislators dealing with casino gaming - The matter should have been put on the ballot previously. Even a New Year baby can see that other states are jumping into the gambling business.

While too young to get into a casino, the NYBB knows that it is getting more difficult to regulate “sin” acts in Kentucky or any other state.

The lottery continues to excel and fund college for many, many students.

And Kentuckians spend millions of dollars each year in Indiana.

Former Bullitt County superintendent Dr. Neyland Clark, always a man with many big visions, is now in the home county of Horseshoe casino. Money is no longer an issue for those dreams.

Let’s get a decision and quit talking about it.

To the Department of Transportation - After twisting and turning through the multi-million, quarter-mile improvement to Preston Highway, it would be a great idea to not do projects in segments.

The work from Cardinal Drive to John Harper Highway is a mess. And it will get someone killed before it is done.

The entire stretch of widening can’t be used until the next phases of the project is complete.

To boot, it has resulted in a new entrance to Meadowbrook Subdivision across from Little Flock Baptist Church. This is a very dangerous situation without a traffic light.

We want traffic improvements. We just want them in phases that make sense.

To Bob Fouts - NYBB would like to bring a couple of big announcements in the coming year.

While the phone has been ringing, the big events to announce major arrivals have been lacking.

But, then again, they have been lacking throughout the region.

The number of new jobs being created across Kentucky has begun to rise. That is a good sign. However, it will take a long time to create new jobs.

Our local leaders must continue to approve incentives, which will pay off in the long run.

To those wishing to run for office in the coming year - The NYBB hopes that everyone gets into the race for the correct reason - the make Bullitt County a better place to live and work.

It is wrong to get into a race because you dislike a person. You might be surprised and win the election and then have to figure out what to do next.

Seldom has anyone gotten into the election for the wrong reason. And probably 100 percent of those who have filed over the past 25 years have a genuine concern for the community.

That is the attitude that must come forward.

Slinging mud is not something we want to hear. We want to hear why you are the best candidate and how you will perform the job better than the person you are running against.

Prospective companies looking to come to the community pay attention to the atmosphere in the area. They pay attention.

As the New Year Baby Barr started off so, so many words ago, we must believe in our leaders. We must believe in our system of government.

We must believe our schools are doing the best they can for the students.

And if we don’t think any area is failing, we must believe that we are willing to take action to improve the situation.

Happy New Year to all.