Newport Aquarium still cool place to visit

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What I Did on Summer Vacation by Chuck Gilkey

 NEWPORT - A hidden jewel of the sea sits on the Ohio River at Newport Aquarium in Newport (just a short drive up I -75). 

The Newport Aquarium offers the most unique animal encounter in our area and perhaps our part of the country for the price. For $25, plus admission to the aquarium, adventurers can “travel” for 20 minutes to African Penguin Playhouse and get to know these amazing birds. 

With adventures sitting on a bench the penguins are free to waddle, wiggle and shake their tails with the adventurers.

It is the most fun you can have and everyone gets to pet at least one and usually multiple penguins.

The Animal Experience Handlers are great at answering questions about the birds, and are willing to take pictures for you.  

In addition to the African Penguin Playhouse, adventurers can explore wildlife and sea-life found from the amazons to rivers and oceans of the world at the Newport Aquarium. Nothing is more impressive than coming eye to eye with Tut, one of the world’s largest Nile Crocodiles who makes his home in Gator Alley. 

Beside Tut, several other gator and crocodile species call Gator Alley home.

Adult explorers and young explorers alike will be amazed entering the Jelly Fish Gallery where the jellies aluminate a dark room with soothing music playing and are on display behind framed aquariums like beautiful pieces of sea art work. Watching the jellies float up and down to the music and thinking of it is art is far out cool. 

It will leave all explorers with a sense of respect for these sea creatures that are often associated with stings while swimming at the beach.

“Surrounded by Sharks” is like diving hundreds –of-feet under the sea without getting wet. 

This underwater viewing tunnel allows the adventurer to immerse themselves alongside of stingrays, Honeycomb Whiptails Rays, Tiger Sharks, Sandbar Sharks, Reef Sharks, Zebra Sharks and many other ocean species including one large and impressive Loggerhead Sea Turtle. 

On the way out of the aquarium, adventurers have to take in the Penguin Palooza Party where cousins to the African penguins call home. 

During the party, a presenter entertain guests with facts about the  Artic  penguins in the Palooza  and interacts with animated penguins. 

The aquarium in Newport rivals that of the Georgia Aquarium and the Ripley Aquarium of the Smokies. 

For best deals and to plan your trip to the Newport Aquarium, visit www.newportaquarium.com.