Nightmare faced by all parties in rezoning

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Zoning meeting now set for March 22

 The downturn in the economy appears that it will claim another victim.

Unfortunately, this victim may be one of the crown jewels in Bullitt County.

The future of the award-winning Heritage Hill golf course is in danger.

But also in danger is the livelihood of those who live in the residential community, as well as other neighborhoods which surround the 850-tract which is subject for rezoning.

For years, the land off Cedar Grove Road had been in the Korfhage family. Most recently, Ted Korfhage and Steve Plenge ran dairy cattle operations on the homestead.

Several years ago, they decided to develop one of the most upscale residential and golfing communities in Kentuckiana.

Wanting to do the project themselves instead of selling the land to developers, the families did the costly stuff — installing infrastructure such as roads, water and sewer lines. Those are investments that would be built into the price of the residential lots and would be recouped as homes were developed.

That’s when the economy went south...way south.

Due to the lack of activity and the mounting bills, the future of the golf course and another 100 acres will lie in the hands of the Bullitt County Joint Planning Commission and the Shepherdsville City Council.

Many residents might understand the dilemma faced by the owners; however, they are not happy.

They have already started making phone calls, writing letters and appearing at city council meetings. They have already organized and retained an attorney.

This is going to be a mess. It’s a mess no one wanted for this pristine development or for the surrounding neighborhoods.

The dream of those who bought homes in and near the golfing community are now facing a nightmare of their own.

They invested in what many felt would be their retirement home. They have been rudely awoken.

For a second time in as many months, Shepherdsville councilmembers will have to not only deal with the black and white issues which surround zoning requests but they will also have their heartstrings tugged at by both sides.

The hope is that this rezoning situation will be a bit more logical than the previous one. And that the process will go a whole smoother.