No good choice on snow days

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 If the state sees things like the local school district sees things, it might be easy to make up some of the days lost due to snow, ice and cold this year.

However, without knowing what the state will decide, Bullitt County Public School Board officials had the task of making a no-win situation. And, any decision would be sure to jack up those who have plenty of comments on the social media.

With 13 days to make up, board officials opted to use this Friday and next Monday. The final day - barring any other missed days - would be June 6.

We fully expect the General Assembly to wipe a few days off the requirements due to the weather.

With the rest, it is add them on to the end of the year or go on Saturday or take away spring break.

Saturday school is too expensive and taking away spring break would not be popular - election year or not.

We have to hope that the state will allow a few minutes to be added to each day and we can get the final day of classes back to the end of May.

Lets just hope for an early spring.