No guns for high risk

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 Nine American women are shot and killed by their husbands and intimate partners every single week. The victims are mothers, sisters, daughters, friends – each an irreplaceable loss to their families and our society. Tragically, our lax gun laws make it easier for abusers to acquire a firearm than it is to purchase a Sudafed. Legislators who don’t support expanded background checks and other common-sense gun reforms are co9mplicit in this bloodshed and moms need to call them out.

We’re demanding that Congress take these simple steps to keep guns out of the hands of abusers:

•In the house: sign on as co-sponsors to HR-1565, the Thompson (D-CA)/King (R-NY) bill to expand background checks and demand this bill be brought to the House floor. This basic reform will put life-saving distance between many angry perpetrators and intended victims.

•In the Senate: bring the Manchin (D-WV)/Toomey (R-PA) bill back to the Senate floor and pass it. This legislation would also expand the background check system and close loopholes that would help keep guns out of dangerous hands.

•In both Chambers: commit to working on and supporting legislation to protect abused women, like S. 1290, the Protecting Domestic Violence and Stalking Victims Act of 2013 and H.R. 2648, the “Keeping Guns from High Risk Individuals Act.”

Tracey Goodlett

Lebanon Junction