No one injured over 'spilled milk'

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By Stephen Thomas

 SHEPHERDSVILLE - A milk delivery truck flipped into a ditch along Highway 44 East Wednesday morning.


Shepherdsville Police Sgt. Ken Proffitt said the accident occurred around 7:30 a.m. near N. Maple St. The truck, owned by Borden Dairy, was full of milk.

According to Proffitt, the truck's driver saw traffic stop in front of him, and with a full load could not slow down in time to avoid contact.

"He knew he was top-heavy and he decided, instead of hitting the other vehicle, to go into the ditch," Proffitt said.

The driver was not injured. Proffitt said the truck came to rest sideways and received "scuff damage."

The truck made contact with a utility pole, but Proffitt confirmed there was no major damage to the pole.

The truck remained alongside Highway 44 until another delivery truck could come to collect its contents.