No Zip: Postal service won’t look at Hillview mail issues

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By Thomas Barr

 HILLVIEW - While the evidence makes sense, it doesn’t appear there is much hope for any changes in the near future in the battle to get a separate zip code for northern Bullitt County.

For over 20 years, groups have worked at various times to get a separate zip code to handle the Hillview area, which is currently has a 40229 Louisville zip.

Steve Miller, field representative for U.S. Rep. Brett Guthrie, said the congressman and his staff have worked hard on getting some resolution to the long-time complaint.

However, with the turmoil in the U.S. Postal Service currently, Miller said nothing is being done at this stage.

Rural post offices were targeted for closure in many communities but Miller said that has been postponed.

More recently, the postal system, which is swimming in a sea of red ink, is now looking at distribution facilities and whether any can be eliminated.

“We’ve got to prove we have a problem,” said Miller.

The discussion was part of a recent Bullitt County Economic Development Authority meeting.

Board member Dale Russ, an appointee of Hillview, said one point of evidence is the designation of the insurance tax. His policy stated that the money should go to Hunters Hollow, another municipality in northern Bullitt County.

He said a post office was built in Tanyard Springs; however, that is only for postal boxes and services.

Bob Hill, another EDA member, said Shepherdsville and Lebanon Junction had among the busiest post offices in the country due to the volume from Publishers Printing.

He didn’t understand why the post system wouldn’t look at using the added four-digit zip to designate Hillview.

Mark Lord, Guthrie’s state representative, said no one could give the congressman an answer to the question how big a zip code has to get before it is split.

He said they kept pressing postal officials for answers or options but received none.

“There seems to be an unwillingness to consider other scenarios,” said Lord.

Miller said there was overwhelming evidence to show the need for changes in the postal services in northern Bullitt County.

He said a list of complaints and some real stories were turned in.

Hill said there is no doubt that Bullitt County is losing insurance tax premiums to Jefferson County and the city of Hillview is also losing occupational taxes due to the problems identifying the boundaries.

Board member Mark Stout has a Mount Washington residence but a Taylorsville post office. He said there are several situations of zip codes overlapping into other counties.

Miller said Guthrie would continue to work on the issue.