Non-partisan proposal brings up unusual note

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Our Views

 The city of Hillview officials are looking at an interesting proposal.

Should future elections be void of any party designation?

And is that decision based on recent party trends in Bullitt County?

Or is it a way to lower the cost of getting involved with politics?

The Hillview City Council heard the first reading of an ordinance to change its future elections to a non-partisan status.

That would eliminate the need of a primary, saving candidates some money.

Many municipalities have gone this route over the years. If Hillview moves forward and approves the measure, Shepherdsville would be the lone city still holding partisan elections.

Some thoughts are that non-partisan elections at all levels of government might not be a bad thing.

It would force voters to think before they mark their ballots. It is an interesting situation.

We’ll see how the Hillview officials decide to proceed.