North Bullitt gets to keep baseball field

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Bids too high on College and Career Center

By Thomas Barr

      HEBRON ESTATES - The good news is that the North Bullitt Eagles will not lose their basefield due to the construction of a new college and career center planned for its campus.

     The bad news is that the baseball team's schedule for this spring has been set and normal maintenance work which would be done in the fall was not completed because of the planned re-location.

     That means it will be a busy time for head coach Brian Wise, his staff and baseball supporters.

     For a North Bullitt alum who played on the field, Wise has mixed feelings.

     "The one exciting thing about the possibility of a new facility was to be able to 'build it from the ground up,'" said Wise. "We had some ideas on how to make the new field a little unique."

     On the other hand, Wise said, "our current field is something our program takes pride in and I played on that field, so I am excited about continuing our upgrades to our current place."

     Already thinking of names like the Road Eagles or the Road Warriors, North Bullitt's baseball program must now regroup.

     "It means a lot of scrambling around in January-March to try to get it back where it was," said Wise.

     Once he was told the field would definitely be lost to make room for the college and career center, no maintenance was done on the field in the off-season.

     In fact, the football team used the outfield at time for practices.

     With the change in direction, Wise said there will be a lot of busy days this winter trying to get the field back in shape.

     On top of that, the spring schedule had been completed. With just a couple of junior varsity and freshman games set for Blue Lick Optimist's field, North Bullitt was going to be on the road all season.

     This amounts to a large transportation bill, which would not be recouped from the school system.

     Since the recent word that there had been a change in plans, Wise said he has been able to schedule a few home games, with the varsity having at least five and the JV/freshmen having a few more.

     The hope is that a few other schools would agree to allow North Bullitt a few more home games.

     To offset the higher transportation costs, Wise is looking to take fewer buses to the games.

     Over the years, the baseball boosters have conducted a lot of fund-raisers to make steady improvements to the field. With the decision to keep the field, those efforts will not go by the wayside, said Wise.

     Now, the efforts will be to get the field ready for play this spring and then look to continue steady improvements.

     It appears that while the baseball field will be saved, the new location of the college and career center will affect one other sport - the tennis teams.

     Initial plans would be to move the two tennis courts beyond the baseball field's left-field fence.