North ready to start archery program with Kim Rasner

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By Mike Farner

 HEBRON ESTATES - A rare sport that started at the middle school level has pushed its way into forming a program at the high school level as North Bullitt will have an archery team this school year.

That became official this summer when Eagle athletic director Lee Barger tabbed Kim Rasner as the program’s head coach. Rasner will not be new to the sport as she started the program at Hebron Middle  in 2010.

In fact, Rasner is going to continue to coach the Hebron squad, but it will be pretty much separate from the team at North Bullitt.

Archery has already gained a foothold in Bullitt County. Both Bullitt East and Bullitt Central have had teams in the past as have Eastside, Mount Washington and Bullitt Lick Middle Schools as well as the team at Hebron.

There has been talk recently that the sport was going to come under the umbrella of the Kentucky High School Athletic Association. That has not happened at this point, but Barger believes that it soon will.

At this point, the sport is under the direction of the National Archery in Schools Program (NASP).

Rasner started the Hebron program with 35 archers. A year later, she had 70 show up for try-outs and she kept 40 of those.

“It’s special to me that in archery I have several kids who are ADHD and one with Down’s Syndrome,” Rasner said last week at North Bullitt. “We can have team members who are not cut out for other sports.”

In her first season at Hebron, Rasner has one female qualify for the state tournament (which is held in Louisville) off the regional meet. The next year her entire team qualified for the national tournament that was held at the Convention Center in downtown Louisville.

(Archery is a co-ed sport at the team level. Teams are made up of 24 archers in a match. The top four boys, the top four girls and then the next four best scores are used to determine a team score.) 

“Kim was pro-active and aggressive in starting the program at Hebron,” Barger said. “She has been a leader at the middle school level. She does a great job getting kids interested with it.”

Rasner’s background with the sport was not much when she arrived at Hebron. Two trophies for archery back in church camp was her background. A fellow teacher at Hebron was talking with Rasner about running a program. There were two openings at the time at the school - cheerleading and archery. The friend took the cheerleading and Rasner went into archery.

At this point, Rasner is thinking that North Bullitt will need roughly $3,000 to get the program off the ground. The good news there is that the school has already been awarded a $1,000 grant from NASP. Rasner will do fund-raising to do raise the rest.

Once the season starts, Rasner is looking at holding practices two days a week. The competitions are often held on Friday and Saturday.

For this first year at North Bullitt, Rasner says that more than likely the Eagle team will practice in the area set up at Hebron where this is a safety net installed as well as the targets. She sees the middle schoolers practicing first and then the high school team coming in later in the day.

When school starts on Aug. 8, Rasner will begin recruiting for the North Bullitt squad. Practice will begin in the middle of October and the first matches will be conducted starting in December. The post-season happens in April.