Now what will Shepherdsville do?

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By The Staff

Wow...now what do you do if you serve on the Shepherdsville City Council?

You approved a totally unbinding advisory ballot to get the pulse of the community on the sale of alcoholic beverages on Sunday in places that serve at least 70 percent in food items.

Everyone stated on more than one occasion that the turnout of the vote held on Dec. 3-4 meant nothing in terms of forcing the council to do anything.

That point has been made very clear.

But it begs to now ask the question - what do you do now?

While only 333 voters came out to cast a ballot, with 241 in favor of Sunday sales, the bigger point is that the percentage was 74.6 in favor and 25.4 percent against.

On four occasions over the past few years, The Pioneer News has run an on-line poll question concerning the sale of alcohol on Sundays.

Each time, the percentage in favor has been between 70-75 percent.

Nothing scientific about our poll and nothing scientific about the city’s advisory, tell-me-what-you-think poll.

However, it is odd that the percentages were pretty consistent.

So what do you do if the matter is brought up at the Monday council meeting?

If you have stated a position, do you change? If so, can you legitimately say that you are voting with the majority of the people who cast ballots.

Or do you stand firm and say that less than 4 percent of the registered voters actually participated?

If you are a candidate thinking about a run for office in 2010, does the alcohol stance become a bigger issue or does it become the biggest issue?

On Monday night, there is expected to be a first reading of an ordinance, which has already been presented on two other occasions in some way, shape or form.

It would be to allow Sunday sales between 2-10 p.m. if 70 percent of your gross sales are derived from food sales.

Package liquor stores would not be included.

I would expect to see a little more outcry at this meeting than in the previous ones.

I would expect the temperature around the council table to be a bit warmer than normal.

There is now more items than ever on the table to be considered by the council.

There may not be any hanging chads but there might be more dangling issues that each councilmember could face as soon as early January.