Numbers do not lie...Bullitt moving up the school ladder

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Our Views

 While we might be able to enjoy a better tag than Unbridled Learning, we won’t argue that the results released last Friday were relieving.

Knowing that the first testing of the Core Content Standards would lead to lower overall scores, the state and local school officials bent over backwards in an attempt to cushion the blow.

In reality, Bullitt County scores were not that bad. More importantly, they revealed that no matter the testing method, local students are achieving at a higher level.

The swing in educational priorities started over a decade ago when the school board implemented things such as all-day kindergarten and smaller class sizes.

But over the past five years, the push has accelerated. And that push is paying off.

Growth has been experienced in almost every area. But there is still so much work to be done.

Teachers and administrators deserve a big word of thanks. Central office folks also deserve praise.

Students and their parents should also be commended.

The road to where we want to be is a long one. But at least it appears that the map is leading us in the right direction.