Obesity is issue that has grown much too large

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By Thomas Barr

 Obesity is a growing problem in the United States. And that is not just a catchy headline.

No matter the research used, they will all show that Americans are getting progressively more out of shape. What is alarming, however, is that the obesity trends are striking the youngest of Americans.

Over the course of the next couple of months, The Pioneer News will take a look at some of the issues surrounding obesity.

The series, which isn’t intended to break any unknown secrets, will map out the views of some local experts on what is happening and what could happen to improve our physical wellbeing.

The series will culminate in October with the Second Sunday Walk, which was held in three locations of Bullitt County last year.

As part of the community, The Pioneer News looks to be a leader in not only detecting problems but also working on some solutions.

We hope that over the course of the next few months at least a few of the articles will hit home.