Odds are, vote will be interesting on zoning case

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By Thomas Barr

 What are the odds that Bullitt Fiscal Court members will go along with the planning commission’s recommendation to rezone property off Highway 61 at Highway 245 to light industrial?

What are the odds that decisions will be based on the legal reason - what is the best use of the property and does it meet with the county’s outdated comprehensive plan?

What are the odds that the developer, Red Rock Corp., will be able to reach an agreement with the leaders of Bardstown Junction Baptist Church before Tuesday night’s decision on the rezoning?

What are the odds that there will even be a vote on the rezoning Tuesday night?

What are the odds that there will be any seats available after 5:30 p.m. for a 6 p.m. meeting at the courthouse Tuesday night?

For a state that doesn’t want casino gambling (at least the powerful ones in the legislature that won’t let it get to the ballot), there are a lot of questions involving odds around the future of a piece of property.

The question is about more than just a piece of property.

What are the odds that other developers are keeping track of the situation and that may influence their future interest in Bullitt County?

What are the odds that this decision - whatever it may be - could influence the perception about the county and its thoughts toward economic development?

What are the odds that the next time a major employer looking to add from 1,000 to 5,000 new jobs will mark the county off its list?

What are the odds that those residential prospects looking to move will see the concerns of the county leaders and decide that this is the place they want to relocate their family to?

Tuesday night’s decision should be an interesting one from many fronts. Not a gambling person anyway, I couldn’t predict the Las Vegas odds on this one. Odds are, we might not know until the final vote is cast. And odds are, no matter the outcome, it won’t be the last we hear about this particular zoning change.


Speaking of odds, there is a website for everything. Just so happens this week, in our daily bag of electronic story ideas, Jeff Grilley sent along an interesting website.

Funny2 is a website with plenty of really funny stuff. A featured list this week was titled The Odds #1.

As the name implies, it is nothing but a bunch of odds.

See the website for a lot of funny stuff. In terms of odds, let’s go.

The odds of bowling a perfect 300 game are 11,500 to 1. Conversely, those golfers have a much better 5,000-1 odds of getting a hole in one.

If you ever thought about being an astronaut, the odds are 13.2 million to 1. But your odds of winning an Academy Award are much better at 11,500 to 1.

If you have gotten the reality TV bug, the odds of striking it rich on Antiques Roadshow is 60,000 to 1. That’s still better than getting a royal flush on the first five cards dealt - 649,740 to 1.

Ever wanted to date a supermodel? The odds of doing that would be 88,000 to 1. Your child has a much better chance of being a genius at 250 to 1.

Those who are married have a much better chance of surviving matrimony than the celebrities. The odds of a first marriage surviving without separation or divorce for 15 years is 1.3 to 1. The odds of a celebrity marriage lasting a lifetime is 3 to 1, which is probably a bit surprising on the good side.

Now, this particular website also likes to put some painful odds in its list.

For example, the odds of getting injured from fireworks are 19,556 to 1, while the odds of injury from mowing the lawn is 3,623 to 1. Now I know why my son stays away from the lawn-mowing business as much as possible.

Your odds of being murdered are 18,000 to 1. And your odds of getting way with committing a murder are only 2 to 1.

The odds of drowning in a bathtub are 685,000 to 1 but the odds of dying in any sort of transportation accident are 77 to 1.

Finally, your odds of being considered possessed by Satan is 7,000 to 1.

My only wonder is how do they know this? 

Here’s hoping that the odds of you having a great holiday weekend is 1 to 1.