Offense to defense; What a difference a year makes in game

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By Mike Farner

 SHEPHERDSVILLE – I could have predicted a lot of stuff about Friday’s renewal of The Game.

One thing I wouldn’t have predicted was 81 points being scored. Not after last season when the two teams pretty much stood in the middle of the field and slugged it out before Bullitt Central won 7-6 at North Bullitt.

This Friday, there was plenty of offensive excitement if that is what you like from a high school football game. Last season, The Game had 400 yards of total offense. On Friday night, the two rivals combined for 821 yards of total offense. And that doesn’t even include the 85 yards that Trevor Carnell had on the kick-off return.

If you like defense, well maybe next year. Or, at least the way Bullitt Central played defense in the second half.

After the game, Bullitt Central head coach Danny Leasor said that his team would be back on the field on Monday in full pads ready to practice heading into the gigantic game this Friday against Bullitt East. No doubt, the maroon and gray will be working on tackling, something that was sorely lacking in the first half of Friday’s game

For the most part, Bullitt Central is 4-2 because of a strong offense. The defense is still a work in progress.

There will be basically no time to celebrate the win for Bullitt Central as they will travel to Mount Washington on Friday for The War. Both the Cougars and Chargers will be working out this work despite the fact that there is no school in Bullitt County because of Fall Break, which this year lasts all week.

Kick-off to Forget

What football coaches have always known, but that fans sometimes forget, is that high school football games are played by teenagers. That demographic group is pretty well known for not always doing as they are instructed.

That was certainly the case on Friday when North Bullitt had a kick-off go directly to Carnell who returned it 85 yards for the game-changing score. North Bullitt head coach Brett Newton had no intention of kicking the ball anywhere near Carnell in this game.

Leasor recalled the same thing happening in reverse a few years ago when he had a freshman kicker go against his wishes and kicked the ball to North Bullitt’s Dalton Cissell. The Eagle speedster returned that kick for a touchdown.

“Sometimes head coaches get too much credit or too much blame for what happens in games,” Leasor said with a smile after the game when talking about the play.