Officer appeals; civil service hearing Oct. 20

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By The Staff

SHEPHERDSVILLE - The attorney for a suspended police officer hopes a resolution to the disciplinary action could be reached.

However, if that resolution between the city of Shepherdsville and police officer Brent Dawson can’t be reached, an appeal to the Civil Service Commission will begin on Oct. 20.

Dawson was suspended without pay for 30 days beginning on Sept. 11.

Police chief Doug Puckett found Dawson guilty of unethical conduct, conduct unbecoming of a police officer, associating with the criminal element and having an unsecured weapon in his vehicle.

In August, Dawson was cited for loitering in a gambling establishment when Hillview police raided an operation off Bells Mill Road. Three individuals have had felony charges sent to the grand jury. Thirteen others, including Dawson, have violations which were sent to district court.

Dawson’s attorney, Mary Sharp, met with Shepherdsville civil service members J.E. Lee, Kenneth Smith and Darvin Hill on Monday night to set forth the procedures to be followed.

City attorney Bill Wilson said he would recommend another lawyer be retained to represent Shepherdsville in the hearing since his firm has had past dealings with some of those involved.

Sharp said she hoped the matter could be resolved between the mayor, chief and Dawson. However, under the provisions of the civil service rules, an appeal had to be filed within 10 days of the action.

If the situation cannot be resolved, the parties will meet at 5:30 p.m. on Oct. 20. At that time, it is expected that pre-hearing issues would be addressed and a schedule would then be set up for the actual hearing.

Those proceedings are open to the public.

Due to provisions in the police officers’ bill of rights, Sharp said she could not comment on the case.

Under terms of the disciplinary action, Dawson would return in 30 days and be assigned the second shift. He would have to undergo counseling through the Gamblers Anonymous program and he could do no off-duty work that involved gambling.