Officers earn praise for acts to save life in house fire

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            PIONEER VILLAGE - To serve and to protect.


            A motto that emergency personnel live up to on a daily basis.

            Recently, four law enforcement officials found themselves in a situation where life and death could be determined.

            On Aug. 28, 2011, a home on Zoneton Road was on fire.

            As Zoneton Fire officials were en route, two members of the Pioneer Village Police Department and two members of the Hillview Police Department knew that there was no time to spare.

            Lt. Neil Bowen and Adam Wheeler of Pioneer Village and Scott Creason and Michael McNear of Hillview worked to help the female owner of the home to escape the blaze. She was rescued without suffering any injuries.

            Each of the officers have been honored by their respective cities for their acts of heroism.

            Pioneer Village mayor Gary Hatcher said he was proud of all the officers for their work.

            Hillview mayor Jim Eadens echoed those sentiments. He said that is why he is so proud to have the officers serving the community.