Once again, poles to stay clean

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By Thomas Barr

 HILLVIEW – You’ve seen them everywhere.

     Utility poles, street sign posts and just about any permanent object where a sign can be posted.

     Signs posted on top of each other advertising everything from yard sales, lost and found animals, vehicles for sale to jobs on the market and services offered.

     People have complained about the unsightliness of the signage.

     In Hillview, thanks to some inmates at the Bullitt County Detention Center, things are looking a lot better.

     And code enforcement officer David Conn hopes to keep it that way.

     Recently, jailer Martha Knox sent several inmates on a works detail. The inmates spent the day taking down signs posted throughout the city.

     All the signs were directly in violation of ordinance 2010-16, which was approved with the hopes of dealing with yard sale issues.

     Under the ordinance, residents are given a series of conditions which must be met to receive a free yard sale permit.

     As part of that ordinance, there are rules on signage.

     Signs can be posted no more than 24 hours prior to the sale date and must be taken down within 24 hours of the actual sale.

     And no sign shall be attached to any public utility pole and/or traffic control sign post at any time.

     Conn said this has been a problem for years has been the proliferation of signs attached to anything that isn’t moving and can been seen by the public.

     His goal at this point is not to begin hitting people with fines, which range from $5 to $250 for each offense. That is not the objective.

     “I just want to educate people about signs,” said Conn, who recently joined the city’s staff after years of service in the county’s planning office.

     With education and with people not violating the ordinance, Conn said Hillview could be a much better looking place to live and to work.

     “I appreciate jailer Knox for sending prisoners to help clean up the city,” said Conn. “It makes a big difference.”

     While the posting of any signs on utility poles is illegal, Conn said no one has ever pushed enforcement.

     In Hillview, if there is a phone number or address on the signs, Conn said the owner would be given the opportunity to take the signs down. If that doesn’t work, enforcement could be the next step.