Opening of school joyous one for NB’s new leader

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By Stephen Thomas

 HEBRON ESTATES - One day Robert Fulk received big news. Then the next day he received big news.

The first day - July 30 - was the birth of his daughter, Eleanor, at eight pounds, four ounces and 20 1/2 inches.

The next day Fulk received word that he was selected as the new North Bullitt High School principal. He replaced Jeff Marshall, who took a new job with Jefferson County Public Schools.

Fulk arrived in time for the first day of school, leaving Bullitt Lick Middle School after three years. He was with the Bullitt Lick staff when he received the message.

“I’m happy with BLMS, they have a good staff and good parent involvement,” he said. “I told them I’d be there about three to five years. I always wanted a high school position."

Fulk applied as soon as the North Bullitt position was available. He said “good word of mouth” about the school throughout the community intrigued him.

“I think this is the place to be,” he said. “They have a strong staff at Bullitt East and Bullitt Central, and we will have one here soon. I’m happy to join them.”

Fulk planned to find more “baby time” once the semester began, along with time for his wife, Natalie, and their other children, Brigid, 8, and Atticus, 6.

The family maintains a strong educational presence. Natalie works with the pre-school at Saint Nicholas Academy in Louisville. 

With Natalie expecting, Fulk said he received her permission to apply for the North Bullitt position. 

“I’m normally very process-oriented, but when I got a feeling about this job I just ran with it,” he said.

Fulk believed he could achieve more success at the high school level with students. He also wanted to remain involved with the Bullitt County Public Schools system.

“I think a high school is the answer for me,” he said. “Fortunately North Bullitt came open. The more I looked the more I wanted to be there. There’s more kids and more things to do. there are many advancements and many challenges.”

Fulk credited Marshall and the North Bullitt staff for the school’s growth in recent years. He’s ready to take the school to another level with the help of the current staff.

“I place a high premium on the administrative staff, which I also did at BLMS,” he said. “We have a strong team at North Bullitt, with strong counselors. This is a place that isa good now but has the potential to be outstanding.”

Fulk said he hopes to hire a replacement soon for assistant principal Margie Reece. He expressed positive impressions of NB’s other assistants, Brian Courtney and Chris VerDow.

“They are both young and dynamic, and they give us a different approach,” he said.

Fulk also credited Hebron Middle principal Steve Miracle and Zoneton Middle principal Kathy House for their ongoing efforts in preparing future North Bullitt students for the high school level.

“We are fed by two of the best middle school principals you can get,” Fulk said, adding that he looked forward to working closely with neighboring Hebron, which is adding a Discovery School for gifted and talented students.

In his own building, Fulk said North Bullitt’s business and allied health programs were strong. His long-term goal is to add an arts career magnet program to the mix.

Fulk’s educational resume includes six years with Oldham County school and a year as assistant principal with New Haven School in Nelson County, along with his three years at Bullitt Lick.

“Coming to Bullitt County was the best decision I ever made professionally,” he said. “As far as student achievement, the focus here is strong. It’s worth staying for a long time. The positives outweigh the negatives so much. I love what’s going on in our school system, we’re at the cutting edge in the state.”