Otaku Ball

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By Stephen Thomas

 SHEPHERDSVILLE - Area youth love a Valentine’s Day gathering.


About 150 signed up to participate in the third Otaku Ball hosted by the Bullitt County Public Library’s Anime/Manga group.

The Otaku Ball is a dance based on a Japanese-style Valentine’s festival. Many participants dress as their favorite Anime characters or in classic Anime style.

“Some of these people drove a few hours for this,” said senior group member Richard Stansberry.

Library coordinator Randy Matlow mentioned that two days of festivities occur in Japan, including a more traditional Valentine’s celebration where the women give men chocolate.

A second day, known as Whites Day, offers the men a chance to reciprocate their gifts.

“They do it slightly different,” said Matlow. “Here we won’t do it exactly like that, but this is just a fun time.”

The library and the Anime/Manga group will host its third Chiisaicon event July 6-8 at Paroquet Springs Conference Centre.

Chiisaicon is a full Anime convention open to the public. Anyone interested in attending may now register online at www.chiisaicon.com.

For more information on Chiisaicon or the Bullitt County Public Library’s Anime/Manga group call 543-7675.